Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder Review



Music significantly enriches your entertainment lifestyle and everyone’s precious moments in life. Aside from this, audio clips, either downloaded or captured, are essential tools necessary to support work and other daily tasks. Now, if you are a huge follower of web videos and streaming music platforms, you surely need a highly flexible audio recorder to create hundreds of thousands of music tracks systematic and effortless. Featuring Apowersoft, a powerful, easy-to-navigate audio recorder capable of bringing solid music entertainment each time you connect over the internet.

Apowersoft is developed to help you record sharp audio from video streaming sites, online music platforms, web radios and recorded voice calls either from smartphones or PCs. This recording program will suit your music needs the best especially if you wish to record your own voice or create a video tutorial both live and offline. Recording the narration or any live speech during personal or business meetings is another good benefit of Apowersoft. At the same time, you can record all audible sounds heard from your PC and microphone simultaneously in high-quality audio format.

The most functional streaming audio recorder ever

Apowersoft is critically designed to record music from hundreds of streaming sites and internet radio stations. This reliable software allows you to create fascinating recordings, organized music libraries and converted music tracks in multiple formats regardless of the quality of your audio source. Apowersoft has the ability to produce clear audio copies, merged multiple audio files and preserve the original sounds and voices. This is why the software is favorable to many music fans as well as various professionals inclined to transcription, marketing, and journalism.


Apowersoft offers a one-stop audio recording solution in creating and converting music or voice records for various purposes. This awesome software will automatically record the songs in Mp3 format or simply convert the output format into WAV, WMA, FLAC, and OGG. Its conversion features greatly complement your desire for best music enjoyment while allowing easy upload on different social media and cloud-based platforms. Indeed, Apowersoft has all the right answers that will allow you to play your valuable music collection from smartphones, portable audio devices, and gaming consoles.

A quick view to Apowersoft interface

The main interface of Apowersoft appears intuitive, having all function menus, buttons and download bar arranged systematically on screen. You can find the editing icons, playback buttons, download list and converting tools in front of its interface and not hidden remotely. To search music, you only need to type in the song titles or keywords and click the search button right away. The result will display all related music tracks and web radios in a few seconds. From here, you can play the music online or select multiple tracks then click on “Add to download” to begin.

Great Apowersoft features that you need to discover

  1. Automatic ID3 Tagging

Apowersoft is equipped with an advanced ID3 tagging technology which recognizes your song information once the music source has been recorded. All relevant details including song title, track duration, album title and artist name are gathered after each recording. This system will help you identify songs and save your time when you organize your personal library later on. If making corrections seems inevitable, users are allowed to edit the audio files manually at the end of the recording.

  1. Easy conversion

Apowersoft is remarkably beneficial to music lovers because this software can convert audio sources into multiple formats compatible with your preferred device. This appears to be a perfect opportunity to enjoy music on your smartphones, portable players, and even car stereos. This program enables you to perform batch recording and provides all the necessary audio settings to match your sound preference. Apart from this, Apowersoft has the appropriate editing tools that enable you to merge several audio clips into one file or eliminate dead sounds.

  1. Easy recording of online radio stations

Apowersoft has an automatic feature that allows you to record live streaming or delayed broadcast directly from web radios. This unique feature is perfect if you wish to store the recorded news broadcast, podcast, radio shows, music stations and other web sources. A search engine is shown or provided to help you locate the program faster. Once you locate the song or online show, just copy the title straight to your download list, and Apowersoft will do the rest.


  1. Basic editing and copying tool

Apowersoft delivers an intuitive audio editor that offers several functions. Using this easy-to-handle editor, you can manipulate your recorded files such as merging them into a single file or eliminating the unwanted audio portion. This feature is suitable for users who want to upload personal videos and marketing materials on different social media platforms. One thing more, a CD burn add-on helps you create personalized audio CDs to be given away to friends.

  1. Built-in recording and download settings

Apowersoft allows you to make necessary settings adjustments prior to actual audio recording. A “Settings” icon will lead you to its drop-down menus namely “General settings,” “Download settings” and “Record settings.” Each set will help you set everything you need from determining your sound source to a maximum number of simultaneous downloading. Record-setting, for instance, allows you to set your audio source whether from “Microphone,” “System sounds” or “Simultaneous system sound and microphone.” Under this setting, you are also allowed to set your output directory or edit the ID tags if you find any mistake.


More functional features of Apowersoft

  • Setting up downloading schedules
  • Efficient file management system including renaming, removing and transferring files
  • Transfer and convert files to other music libraries in batch
  • Simultaneous music conversion and downloading
  • Pause downloading/conversion
  • Automatic file checking
  • Automatic split track (suitable for playlist downloading and removal of online Ads)


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy listening/playback features for quality check
  • The search box, download list field and monitoring tool provisions
  • Converts videos, web radio shows, and voice recordings to Mp3 and other formats
  • The accurate ID3 tagging system


  • Random software crash
  • Slow response time on batch downloading (depending on internet speed and hardware components)
  • The offline recording is not allowed


Apowersoft provides the appropriate practical solution that will support audio recording straight from microphone and computers. With this versatile tool, you can finally record your favorite hits, convert the tracks and manage your audio files, all in just a few clicks.


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