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Cinch Audio Recorder: Best Alternative to AlltoMp3.org

You can find thousands of free software programs over the internet that allow you to convert audio tracks from music streaming or file-sharing sites to Mp3 format. Some programs will allow you to record songs or videos directly accessed on different music platforms like iTunes, Napster, AOL, and other famous sites. Just like AlltoMp3.org, this is designed to convert audio tracks from Spotify, Soun...

Listen Offline Permanently: How To Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Do you want to download Spotify to your MP3 to enjoy when offline? Yes, this post will show you how to convert/download Spotify playlist and save as mp3 files on your computer. Introduction Streaming music and video is the mainstream today. It is convenient as long as your media device is connected to the internet. However, the internet is NOT with you all the time. So, what is the best solution w...

How to Clear Spotify Cache on Windows, Mac, iPhone (iOS) and Android

Spotify, as one of the most comprehensive streaming music platforms of today’s generation, delivers free and licensed audio tracks for music fans to enjoy listening with their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Unlike iTunes or SoundCloud, Spotify users are only allowed to listen and not to download any song from the legitimate service provider. While other platforms offer licensed songs for a f...

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