Dr. Fone (iOS and Android) Review: Essential in Recovering Data Loss



A data recovery app is now an essential requirement in preventing and recovering phone data. Enjoy superb data recovery performance through the application of Wondershare Dr. Fone.

Imagine the great power you may possess in using today’s flagship smartphones and tablets through their amazing multimedia features. Mobile devices are now fully equipped with all the basic features you will need from answering calls, wireless capabilities and multiple storage options. With your mobile phones or tablets, you can play music, watch online videos, create notes and capture the unforgettable precious moments of your life. As long as you’re connected to the internet, the best opportunities in terms of professional career and business growth will always come your way.

People love to take pictures and create family videos during special events. Imagine the gravity of usage when you install mobile apps, record videos or music and store thousands of personal notes in your device. This is why they need a dependable data protector to keep them unharmed for a long period of time. If you are a person who often utilizes mobile devices, you’re most likely consuming too much disk space. Internal storage and SD cards have a tendency to get full if you don’t delete cache and various junk files.

Your mobile device will run slow particularly if you’re only using an average-size processor and internal phone storage. Even if you erase some unwanted files, the deleted items are not automatically removed out of your SD cards. Thus they still consume some space. However, these hidden files are not easily accessible unless you will apply a specific program intended to restore them. Sometimes, you worry about the files that get stuck when you’re about to give an old phone away or swap it with a new one.

The internet is home to some of the best data recovery tools for people to choose from. But many of them will only give false hope or work on a substandard performance particularly if you only acquire the software from an untrustworthy source. Consider the range of useful features if you’re looking for an effective data recovery app on the market. Also, check the prevailing price, software version and other benefits such as tech support, secure payment system and data encryption to protect your privacy.

Unfortunately, even the best mobile apps and hardware combinations have their own weaknesses for users to worry about. Losing your private data is inevitable, and this incident could happen to you at any given time. Though mobile anti-virus apps are available, Android devices are no excuse from virus contamination and software crash. In the case of iOS devices, data privacy and software apps are 100% secured but not from a system crash and careless deletion of files. This is where Dr. Fone data recovery app comes in.

Featuring Dr. Fone, the world’s leading utility software is ready to perform full data recovery on both iOS and Android devices. Dr. Fone full data recovery suite, developed by Wondershare, is designed highly intuitive so even non-technical users and novices can operate this. In fact, Dr. Fone Android Full suite possesses a simple graphic interface similar to the iOS version. Its main interface displays all the software features on the left side of the screen where you can find the “More Options” buttons and other sub-menus. This software is capable of recovering your deleted data in minutes.


How important is Dr. Fone data recovery

Since data loss is an imminent problem against data protection, this is the time you need the assistance of Dr. Fone. Data loss may happen anytime, and even the best source of technology won’t be able to prevent it. Your personal collection will likely become useless or inaccessible when you can’t secure them from getting lost. So what you need to do is to install an effective data recovery tool that will provide easy access for backup, restore and file management.

Dr. Fone data recovery will only require a minimum amount of disk space on your PC. You can find the essentials like “Start” and “Recover” buttons visibly from its main window. No need to worry about add-ons or additional programs to be installed since the software can work independently. Learn more about what this all-complete recovery app can provide for your data recovery needs.

To get started with its functions, what users need to do is to connect their Android and iOS devices using the provided USB cable directly to the computer. Wondershare Dr. Fone will analyze the details of your device and will automatically synchronize it to your PC. Once the device has completed its configuration, Dr. Fone will start displaying all the details of your private data both previously and recently-erased. You will be given enough time to sort out, select the file category and scanning mode before proceeding to the actual recovery stage.

The entire interface is easy to follow including instructions from pop-up windows and dialog boxes that even beginners can understand them. Dr. Fone is made efficient, and the whole process seems easy to adapt. With this special software, you can recover files, create a backup and transfer your files from one device to another without corrupting them. With an average daily download of nearly 150, no wonder why over 6.5 million users have expressed full satisfaction and loved the experience of using Dr. Fone as their primary data recovery tool.


Data loss scenarios

Data loss always starts from an accident, and it’s a natural reaction for people to get shocked or disappointed. Imagine losing all your hard-earned videos and pictures in just a snap of your finger. What’s making it even more disappointing is the fact that you need to pay a professional technician to restore these lost data. The reality is, hiring a professional would mean an additional burden on your pockets and full recovery is not a guarantee. If you feel like there’s no hope in retrieving your personal files, perhaps, you really haven’t heard about the benefits of using Dr. Fone data recovery tool.

Fortunately, Dr. Fone provides the quickest data recovery solutions to restore lost data regardless of how they got nowhere to be found. This is a free-to-pay software that allows you to test its worth before getting an upgraded subscription. Just look around and you’ll soon realize that anything is possible when talking about data loss. But first, first-time users must know how Dr. Fone will work on different data loss scenarios including:

  1. Accidental data loss

Accidental file deletion seems inevitable especially if you’re always in a rush to get to your workplace or drive home. Data loss happens when you select the wrong messages or notes and delete them. Sometimes, your files get lost or deleted when little ones play your devices around without prior permission from you. Dr. Fone is your best backup software to recover your lost data whether you delete it by accident or not.

  1. 2. Heavily-damaged parts

Mobile phones and tablets are prone to various wear-and-tear conditions, particularly for users with an active lifestyle or those who are working in a busy environment. There’s always a huge possibility of data loss when your device stops functioning properly, and you didn’t make an effort to create backup files. Dr. Fone still manages to handle this type of problem no matter how much damage your phone may have. It’s important to make sure that your battery is still working so your device can still be recognized when it’s connected to the PC.

  1. Water damage

Water damage is usually caused by clumsiness or carelessness when carrying a mobile device. Even if your device is secured with a water-resistant phone case, there’s no guarantee it won’t get damaged as time goes by. Water penetration happens when your phone stays too long underwater, you’re texting in the toilet or taking pictures near the beach or swimming pool. This will cause permanent damage, and you will eventually need to recover your lost data using Dr. Fone.

  1. System damage

Mobile apps and hardware are not exempted from getting damaged especially if you’re always downloading files or searching for updates over the internet. Devices may stop working properly when internal memory runs low or when external storage becomes almost full. Factory defects and original parts not covered by warranty are also factors for data loss problems in the future. Dr. Fone is definitely a helpful tool when these worse things happen to your mobile devices.

  1. Factory settings restore and modification

Resetting your mobile devices back to their factory settings would mean data loss more specifically on internal memory. People do this step each time they purchase a second-hand unit or when they can no longer save the present mobile settings due to system malfunctions. A factory reset doesn’t mean you can’t retrieve your personal stuff anymore. Dr. Fone is the appropriate software to help you dig everything up including “Extinct” data.


Everyone needs a data recovery software to extract and recover files from broken smartphones. Dr. Fone resolves multiple recovery issues related to internal memory, SD data recovery and damaged iOS and Android devices. Lost data is not gone forever; you only need a reliable helping hand to get it back. Other common scenarios that Dr. Fone can handle include:

  • Forgotten password or non-functioning password entry
  • ROM flashing
  • SD card problems like non-responding or slow reading
  • Unable to synchronize backup data
  • Lost data due to software updates (mobile apps and OS)
  • Rooting errors
  • black screen


What if you decide to purchase a new phone instead of looking for a smarter solution to resolve this? Sometimes, you can’t help but feel upset when these worse scenarios happen on your device. Even installing an anti-virus program is not enough to secure your phone from data loss. The best thing you can do is to perform a backup as often as possible.


Dr. Fone toolkit guarantees excellent data recovery performance on every application where you can recover files with a peace of mind. You can verify lost data in full details before you can extract them. No specific mobile device model is required for Dr. Fone to work efficiently and you can recover anything that’s important on your device. Wondershare develops this essential software safe which means no harm or damage will ever happen to your data.


Dr. Fone is now considered as the top data recovery suite capable of recovering messages, videos, contacts, notes, images and app data. With this tool, you can retrieve data from iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as Android devices version 2.0 and up. You don’t need to worry about compatibility since the software works with iOS 11.3, iTunes 12.7 and earlier versions. Dr. Fone is also compatible with Windows operating systems version 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP edition.


What can you recover with Dr. Fone?

What you need to do is to connect your device each time you launch the software. Here is the list of devices where you can utilize Dr. Fone:

  • All models of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup
  • iPhone units include iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus/8, iPhone 7 Plus/7, iPhone 6S Plus/6S, iPhone 6 Plus/6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and earlier models.

With regard to Android devices, Dr. Fone is able to recover data from popular brands like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, Alcatel, Cherry, Asus and Sony among others. Apart from this, the software has the ability to recover important data/documents such as:

  • Messages including text messages, instant chat, and emails
  • Call log
  • Call history (internet calls)
  • App documents
  • Contact lists together with their respective details
  • Videos (downloaded, captured or copied)
  • Images (downloaded, captured or copied)
  • Video and audio messages
  • Video and audio calls
  • Calendar entries
  • WhatsApp history
  • Safari bookmarks or Google bookmarks
  • Personal notes/reminders
  • Voicemail/memos


Discover Dr. Fone core features

Dr. Fone has the most outstanding features necessary to restore your mobile devices, back up files and transfer data to any output folder. It’s a great solution available to save your precious files from losing them forever. In exchange for a minimum fee, Wondershare guarantees full client support and extended services for as long as you want. Find out more how this amazing recovery software can help you get everything restored back to your computer.

  1. iOS/Android Data Recovery

The iOS/Android data recovery is one of the essential features offered by Dr. Fone. Software users are able to retrieve any type of files including videos, messages, pictures, contacts, and notes among others. This prominent software works efficiently on both iOS devices, Android machines and iOS/Windows operating systems. Dr. Fone is undeniably the most preferred backup software by active users around the world, possessing the best recovery rate among other industry competitors.

Literally, all deleted data can be retrieved using this incredible data recovery app. You can sort the files, manage backup and transfer between two individual devices with no extra tools needed.

  1. iOS/Android data restore and backup

Dr. Fone lets you create backup files and restore them anytime you want. You can perform data backup and transfer the recovered in just one click. Before you make the final transfer, Dr. Fone allows you to review your list to help you identify the correct files and remove the unnecessary ones. Alternatively, you can directly transfer the recovered data and access them using another program such as notepad and Word.

  1. Automatic file scanning

Dr. Fone will automatically scan your device after you connect it. This software can scan the device and recover all sent and received messages, photos, and notes. After retrieving the data, Dr. Fone will export them in HTML format to PC for ease of access and transfer. What’s making Dr. Fone more comfortable for the users is that each deleted data and existing ones have their respective color codes for easy identification as seen on the scan results. Since Dr. Fone will display all the files, expect your window to be covered with file listings along with their respective formats.

  1. iOS/Android system recovery

Dr. Fone provides accessible options to repair various system problems including white/black background, system non-response, recovery modes and other device malfunctions. With this easy-to-navigate tool, users are able to fix the system without losing data and other important software installed on their devices. This feature is fully accessible to all Android and iOS devices regardless of operating system and model specifications. Even if you reset the device back to its original setting, you will not lose your data because of this feature. However, in random cases, you may lose data when you reset your mobile device or acquire fresh updates.

  1. iOS/Android file selection

Dr. Fone provides the necessary options that will allow users to select the type of files they want to retrieve. This useful option helps save time and energy in sorting out files since Dr. Fone will initially display all the files it can recover. When you select the “Video” category, for instance, the software will only display all recovered videos either downloaded or recorded using the mobile device. After selecting the file type, you can proceed in the selection of recovery mode (either standard or advanced).

  1. WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore on iOS/Android devices

Dr. Fone makes it easier to retrieve your lost WhatsApp messages and other tasks you have performed previously. This marvelous software will allow you to restore and then transfer the data to your iOS as well as Android devices. Aside from this, you can export these WhatsApp messages straight to your computer. From here, you can create backup files or simply copy them to another storage device.

  1. Full data eraser functionality

Dr. Fone’s full data eraser has the best ability to wipe out all private data that include pictures, videos, messages and call logs. This feature is beneficial for users who want to sell their current or vintage phone without worrying about any personal information left in the internal storage. Besides this purpose, you can also perform this feature if you need a complete mobile device cleanup. A single click will absolutely erase everything without damaging the installed software of your device.

  1. KIK, WeChat, Viber Backup & Restore

Dr. Fone offers an option to back up your private messages and call transactions from other communication platforms like KIK, Viber, Google Chat and WeChat apps. With this tool, you can individually select the messages to get the right files and then restore them afterward. Similar to WhatsApp, you can also export the messages and transfer them from one destination to another.

  1. Friendly tech support

Online support is provided if you have questions regarding Dr. Fone features and usage. Upon subscription, a support guide will be provided before installing the software. There is 24/7 client tech support available to provide enough help for your payment and troubleshooting concerns. Contact Wondershare through email contacts, online forms, instant chat and voice calls.


Get to know Dr. Fone specifications

Wondershare Dr. Fone has been releasing an upgraded version each year as part of its effort to maintain its prominent stature as the world’s leading data recovery program. With regard to system requirements, this software will definitely work on all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12(macOS Sierra ), 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10(Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8 and lower versions. You will need 1G Hz Intel processor (32-bit or 64-bit) or higher with At least 512Mb physical RAM to get the program run effectively. Good thing that this software only requires at least 200Mb of disk space to get it going. The above-mentioned specifications are good enough to give you an average user experience. This means that the higher tech specs you have on your computer, the better the performance you can get.

Wondershare Dr. Fone can be purchased directly from its official site www.wondershare.com for only $49.95. However, a free version is available so you can test its features and see how it goes on your PC. The trial/free version will only work for a limited offer unless you upgrade your subscription to a lifetime edition where you can enjoy the features with no limits. Apart from this, you can receive free updates and expert tech advice on how you can maximize its full potential.

Wondershare Dr. Fone appears to be an awesome software that makes data recovery easy and comfortable for everyone. No expertise is required since a step-by-step guide is provided to help beginners get a head start. It’s an ideal program designed for common PC users and even parents who want to secure their phones away from the hands of their naughty kids. Dr. Fone performs an effective 3-in-one function: scan, preview and retrieve to dig out all deleted files without the inconvenience.


A quick overview of its user guide

Wondershare Dr. Fone is simple to use and requires software download and installation. What you need to do first is to visit the website and click the “Download” link and save the application directly to a “Download” folder. Prior to the installation, be sure to prepare your mobile device or tablet and its OEM USB cable. Always remember to maintain 50% battery power to ensure a smooth data recovery performance throughout the process.


After downloading Dr. Fone, launch the program and prepare to connect your device. As much as possible, all apps should be turned off and no answering of calls to avoid disrupting the recovery process. Activate the debugging mode of your device so Dr. Fone will easily recognize it. Connect your device and wait for a few seconds until the synchronization process is completed.


Dr. Fone will now start displaying the deleted or lost data regardless of file type from both internal and SD card. You’ll see all deleted videos, messages, recordings, images, notes, reminders and others listed in one column. To sort these data quickly, you can click on the file category you want and wait for the software to separate them. Remember not to move or place your device away from your PC or allow the cable to move even a bit. Any little movement will cause Dr. Fone to malfunction, thus disturbing the whole procedure.


After this, Dr. Fone will ask you to select the recovery option between “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” The standard mode performs a quicker scanning process, and it’s easier to operate. It usually performs lighter scanning or scans the files that are recently deleted. Unfortunately, this recovery mode won’t be able to retrieve earlier files or data created many years ago.


An advanced mode is suggested if you still can’t find the deleted files you’re looking for. The advanced mode will perform a thorough scanning procedure that will dig your storage a bit deeper and longer. Click on “Start” to start/begin the scanning process (applies on both standard and advanced modes). In this stage, you have to wait patiently until all files show up on the screen. Scanning time may depend on the number of files you want to recover as well as the hardware specifications installed in your PC.


When the scanning process is done or completed, Dr. Fone will display the recovered data one by one. You can preview each file to identify the exact files you wish to retrieve and leave the others behind. This stage will let you create a listing of files to be recovered later on. When the list is done, just click on the “Recover” button and wait for the software to respond.


From this step, you can now create a backup or transfer the recovered data to their designated output folder. You can organize your personal library, delete unwanted files and move them to another device or external storage. It’s safe to repeat the process again if you missed out any file during your selection a while ago. In addition to this, a drag-and-drop function and keyboard shortcuts are provided to speed up your data recovery.


Installing this amazing data recovery app would mean more opportunities for sore videos, images, and documents safer than before. The steps mentioned above are applied to all videos, messages, notes, pictures, and songs commonly stored on internal and SD cards. All iOS and Android devices, series and brand names, employ the same procedure and backing up methods. If you worry about software access, Dr. Fone has the answer since it’s fully accessible to all device models, users and installed OS.


Important reminders prior to operation

There are useful tips that you need to consider to ensure a smoother scanning process of Dr. Fone. Make sure that your device has all the necessary drivers installed before connecting it to the software. Though 50% is better, maintain at least 20% battery power from your device to complete the process. Color indicators seen on the screen will help you determine if your device and Dr. Fone are synchronized with one another.


Scan results are usually affected by your choice of scanning method as well as your internet speed. Advanced mode obviously consumes more minutes than the standard, but you may expect more files to be recovered in the end. Also, one of the great things about this software is that all recovered files are prepared for preview before you can move them to another directory. Despite the limitations of Dr. Fone’s free version, its preview feature seems more than enough to help you assess how efficient this software is before placing an order.


Dr. Fone data recovery is designed to secure and safe to access nearly 6000 iOS and Android devices. The software will only work as a mobile scanner and doesn’t cause data leaks during operation. Since the software is made intuitive, everyone can access it without prior technical expertise or software training. You can even try Dr. Fone free of charge right away to have an initial check.


While Dr. Fone allows data gathering and extraction, it is also safe to transfer data between your devices and PC, easily and selectively. This reliable software removes the locked screen from your devices without losing information. Backup data is created automatically, and you can restore it on your PC when you need it. To learn more about Dr. Fone, you may reach Wondershare through its official contact details or refer to its FAQ section found on the website.


Wondershare Dr. Fone is available for Mac OS and Windows users, and you can find it on the developer’s site. Its basic features are quite similar with one another on conditions that your mobile device is firmly connected to your PC through a USB connector. You can download the trial version first to evaluate its effectiveness before deciding to get a paid subscription. When the free version expires, Wondershare will offer you to purchase the full version suite of Dr. Fone priced at $39.95 for a one-year subscription or a lifetime version for only $49.95.


Both subscriptions offer the same features and benefits to cater your data retrieving needs. If you are concern about data privacy, Wondershare guarantees full client protection against online hackers and fraudulent transactions. When you purchase the software, you’ll automatically receive a payment confirmation and detailed instructions where to register it using the license key. The license key is your permanent access to Dr. Fone regardless if you use another PC in the future.


Dr.Fone Coupon

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Dr. Fone has all the right tools you need to run your mobile devices efficiently and resolve a number of mobile problems as well. Wondershare always takes a step further to help out when your PC crashes unexpectedly. In this case, Wondershare will send a support guide where you can register your paid software again and continue enjoying its benefits. If you are moving actively in your workplace and always gets your phone smashed, this program really helps with getting clients details and important documents restored the soonest time.


Dr. Fone possesses a simple UI equipped with clearly-written step-by-step instructions so that nothing can go wrong. What’s amazing about Dr. Fone is that the software works in all sorts of devices even right down to the earlier-released models and OS. This changed the face of iOS and Android themselves into a brand new look because of Dr. Fone’s competent data recovery features. This is indeed a very useful recovery software which you can add to your collection of business and multimedia tools.


The performance of Dr. Fone seems to deliver more positive results than failed ones. However, for some users, Dr. Fone didn’t bring the impressive results as expected from it. They notice that some data were not recovered or the software couldn’t find the information even though they already selected the advanced mode. Perhaps, this scenario could happen for people who downloaded a crack version or an unofficial Dr. Fone software. Wondershare 24/7 technical support is open to all questions that may arise during operation.


Random computer crash happens for some unknown reasons. Expect slow response time and an inaccurate number of scanned files due to technical glitches. This incident may occur if you’re using inadequate resources to retrieve a heavy volume of files. It is advisable to upgrade your PC system if you wish to get the most out of Dr. Fone data recovery.


There are random incidents where recovering photos are slow, and PCs become non-responsive. Be sure to scan your PC using an anti-virus program on a regular basis. This contributes to the poor performance of Dr. Fone especially if you have downloaded a pirated version. Pirated software won’t be able to scan your mobile devices effectively, and it will likely corrupt your personal files eventually.


Scan results vary since they will depend on the types of files you wish to recover. Videos and audio records will take more time than SMS, calendar, and notes. Sometimes, you need to repeat the entire procedure more often in order to recover the deeply-rooted files from your SD cards. Expect some inaccurate scan results particularly on SD cards that have been formatted or overwritten for several times.


Even if your PC is already equipped with the best multimedia tools available, securing your personal data from the permanent loss will always be a primary concern of everyone. That’s why you need the expertise of Wondershare to help you solve this immediate problem. Wondershare is an expert developer that already produced a number of handy tools such as video editors, audio recorders, and file converters. No wonder if the multi-faceted software maker also thinks of producing a data recovery app like Dr. Fone to get all your deleted files back to normal.


Wondershare now offers alternative options to suit your exact data management needs. You can select among quarterly, annually or lifetime versions. You can also have it at a discounted price up to 30% off on selected products. Don’t forget to visit the website to get the freshest software updates and upcoming promotions.


  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Minimal system and storage requirements
  • Fully compatible on your Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Seamless performance of data recovery and restore
  • Provides an option for full data eraser
  • Whatsapp, Skype, Kik and Viber Backup and Restore options
  • Scan, backup and re-establish a strong connection between phone memory and PC
  • Repairs PIN, mobile passwords, fingerprint recognition and root your devices in just one click
  • Supports most of Android and iOS devices


  • Random non-responses due to higher usage of resources
  • Longer retrieval time for multimedia files (movies and audio tracks)
  • Longer scanning process for multimedia files particularly old videos and images
  • Limited features for free version
  • Paid version is relatively high


Dr. Fone is regarded as an essential for any need to restore and recover deleted data on both Android and iOS devices. Even if you are a beginner or an expert PC user, this amazing backup software program will help you retrieve your important files or even repair the system of your favorite devices. Wondershare Dr. Fone seems like a fine investment if you want to give your precious devices the best data protection they deserve. Indeed, data loss was no longer a difficult problem to resolve since the inception of Dr. Fone on the market many years ago.


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