Filmora Review: Simple but Enough to Impress your Global Audience



Video editing is a tough task, and you will need a helping hand to bring out the best in your rough footages. If you need a great video editor these days, Filmora might be exactly what you’re looking for. Creating stunning videos gives you the best opportunity to share new ideas and expand your online market. In fact, video creation is no longer limited to conventional recorders and professional editing tools just to come up with an impressive one. Even flagship smartphones and tablets are now equipped with the best video display features to go along with their basic built-in editing options. With these modern devices, it becomes easier to transform any raw footage into an eye-catching video, accessible in different formats. Videos now come from various sources either captured by a video recorder or uploaded through social media channels. Whether they are intended for personal, business or educational use, you surely need a versatile video-editing software capable of producing high-quality audio-visual output at a reasonable price. Introducing Filmora, a revolutionized editing program designed to create amazing videos using a wide range of powerful editing tools. This unique software is downloadable straight from Wondershare’s official website. Filmora video is made simple but wonderful enough to impress your global audience. It’s not only an editor but also a video converter, a screen recorder, an audio mixer and more. This excellent editing software is regarded as one of the best alternative programs capable of bringing similar video outputs made from an expensive professional tool. Perhaps, it’s time to switch if you are still using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to build your remarkable stories. Filmora is available for selected versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. At the same time, this sensational video editor comes in iOS and Android versions to help you create memorable videos from mobile devices. You’ll surely love all the functions because Filmora effectively converts any video source into your own masterpiece, just like a pro. You can also share the video instantly as Filmora is fully supported with add-ons, having easy access on any social networking platform. Filmora possesses the best expertise and out-of-school techniques that even beginners can operate it. Its entire user interface is designed intuitive, supported with easy navigation tools and function menus so you won’t need to look or hire a professional to do the editing for you. The software features a comprehensive range of editing tools which allow you to modify your raw materials from their original form to your desired visual output. Having Filmora as your top video editor gives you the chance to become one of the 50 million users who expressed full product satisfaction.

What to expect from Filmora

With Filmora, video editing is absolutely full of fun for people of all ages. You can merge, split, crop and paste video clips to make your video outstanding. For better image quality, adjust the contrast, saturation, and hues of your video sources since there are videos that require a specific screen resolution. Speed controls give you the option to create slow-motion effects or create funny stories through fast actions. Besides video clips, images can be rotated to the desired angle or use them for moving effects on screen. Audio output is important that’s why Filmora provides the advanced tools to modify your audio and eliminate all irritating noises at once. If you like to add some dramatic effects or entice the emotions of your viewers, you can add fade in and outs throughout the video track. There are special settings provided to increase the audio output of your source especially on loud dialogues and excessive background voices. Using the powerful Filmora, editing your audio can be done in just a few clicks without ruining the original sound. Create an “Oscar” presentation by using special features like “Split screen,” Tilt Shift,” and “Pictures in Pictures.” You’ll definitely love the output when you capitalize these unique add-ons. If you think that only experts can do the professional work, Filmora has turned every sophisticated process easier so everyone can adapt. Its drag-and-drop functions make everything easy for users to manage from file selection to output adjustment. Applying filters and overlays makes your audience appreciate your video a lot better. Filters, in fact, easily boost the emotional side of your viewers especially if you’re doing a love story or any fairytale-inspired video. Aside from filters, moving titles are also essential to help you convey additional information to your audience. Don’t forget the animations and visual effects to complete your personal video in a fashionable manner. Imagine how easy it is to create your own network using the updated video technology from Wondershare Filmora. If you want to add more tension and emotions to every scene, Filmora offers a unique blend of music collection included in the package to choose from. There is also a wide selection of motion elements that will surely enhance the life of your video. Lastly, you don’t have to deal with compatibility issues since Filmora imports virtually any multimedia format.

Getting to know the Filmora features more

Filmora seems to have the appropriate tools to help you maximize your creative juices, providing easy access to all function menus, buttons and corresponding output settings that are applicable to your videos. This intuitive software provides a wide selection of supported formats so you can play your own video whatever device you want. Its all-complete editing features can make your videos look stunning without compromising video quality and overall sound output. Discover the good benefits of using Filmora video editor as listed below:

Describing user experience

Anyone is expected to learn to apply Wondershare Filmora quickly on any source footage. All features, like adding transitions and titles, output exporting and adding filters are visible from the main interface. Wondershare Filmora is designed intuitive, making it totally accessible for amateurs and budding videographers. Its interface presents a systematic arrangement of all buttons, function keys and menus without filling up your entire screen. You can choose between two different program modes namely standard and full-featured. The standard Filmora editor is incredibly easy to operate, meaning all themes and effects come in presets like a mixed package. With this mode, simply select the videos and photos you like and integrate your desired theme to them. Themes include some audio-visual effects and features that correspond to the type of video you want to produce. Sports theme, for instance, uses slow-moving effects and faster scene transitions while cartoon themes focus more on animated elements and graphic overlays. When you open a preset theme, all you need to do is to drag and drop everything you would like to see in the video. After putting all the videos and images, you can select a music track from Filmora’s default list or import any song from your personal library. You can add titles and subtitles as your finishing touches before you decide to share your output on different social media and streaming sites. Filmora’s standard mode appears to be a good-fitting choice for common PC users who only want dazzling videos out of their creativity. Remember that Wondershare can determine the DRM-covered music on your video and may result to project deletion once it gets detected. If you want more excitement and control, better pick the full-featured mode and find out what this feature has to offer. Full feature mode displays the timeline at the bottom where you can select and drag video clips, sound effects, photos and animations into the video track. Once you selected the media components, let Filmora’s video editing tools get the job done for you. You can cut, crop, rotate, resize and adjust anything on the video then add the filters you want and soon after you’ll have a spectacular video ready in front of your screen. The full feature mode of Filmora is extremely brilliant, but still, you need to upgrade the free editor to a premium subscription to remove the annoying watermark.

Video filters, overlays, and titles

Filmora video editor delivers the basic filter functions which complement easy editing. This feature seems perfect for online advertisements particularly if you wish to draw more attention from your audience. You can use overlay layers to create some video ADs, displaying contextual links and clickable text portions. The graphic overlay is useful for AD production since it will display the valuable contents related to the video you are creating or the products you are trying to promote. Video communication is not only limited to the visual displays that appear on screen but also the text portions that convey your message to the public. Titles, which may also refer to screen texts, are beneficial if you want your audience to get informed or enticed. Filmora presents a huge selection of font styles which seem perfect for marketing campaigns, short films and tutorial videos. With this tool, you can add captions and graphics to make video output look more compelling to everyone’s eyesight.

The motion elements and video transition

Creativity looks borderless when using Filmora for your video-editing needs. This sensational video modifier features a drag-and-drop functionality to insert moving graphics on your videos. Motion elements add more value that easily gets the attention of your target audience. These can be moving images, graphics or texts usually imported from other sources. Aside from motion elements, Filmora provides more editing tools in combining multiple videos in one screen. Combine all pictures, raw footages and graphics to produce an outstanding video without hiring a professional video editor. What’s making Filmora even more attractive to amateur video creators is its music functionality. In fact, music beds are helpful to keep your viewers interested in your video until the end. You can add music tracks directly imported from your personal library and convert your video into an online sensation.

Unlimited access to file formats

The brilliance of Filmora video editor seems very evident as the software entirely supports all input formats. This feature will help you optimize the video output, allowing you to watch it on PCs and various mobile devices. Video formats include the following:
  • MPEG-1/2 Video file: .mpg, .mpeg, .m1v, .m2v
  • Flash video: .flv, .f4v
  • Windows Media: .wmv
  • MPEG-4 video file: .mp4, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .3gp2
  • Matroska Video File: .mkv encoded with H.264, MPEG 4 or MJPEG codec only
  • QuickTime Movie File: .mov encoded with H.264, MPEG 4 or MJPEG codec only
  • Audio visual interleave: .avi
  • HTML5 video file: .mp4, .webm, .ogv
For audio formats, Filmora supports various source files such as .mp3, .m4a, .wav, .wma, .ogg, .flac, .aac, .aif and .aiff. As mentioned above, Filmora also supports different image files like .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif and .tiff. Since all pictures and music files are supported by this awesome software, it becomes a lot easier to add graphics (still or moving) and background music straight on your video project. Filmora video editor supports a great number of output formats including .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mov, .f4v, .mkv, .ts, .mpg, .3gp, .webm, .gif, .mp3, 4K resolution, .mp4, .mov and .mkv. In fact, all videos created through Filmora are accessible in all common devices and portable players such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and different gaming consoles of your choice. Apart from this, Filmora makes these video projects more accessible if you’re planning to post them using different social media platforms and cloud-based services. Indeed, sharing your bright ideas becomes easier especially if you are managing individual accounts from Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and YouTube.

More reasons to love Filmora

Video streaming is now a hard habit to break for all smartphone and tablet enthusiasts. People love to watch web videos or listen to streaming music as long as they’re connected to the internet. With regard to video resolution, its performance will always depend on hardware specifications found in your PC including internal memory and operating system. This only means that you have the option to modify or export your video output in various resolutions up to 4K through the wonders of Filmora. When you use mobile devices, captured noises are definitely inevitable especially if you are conducting on-the-spot interviews or voice recording. Filmora has the expert tools to eliminate unwanted sounds and dialogues, making your raw footage ready for more video enhancements. With the application of Filmora, everything you hear from your video source can be modified into a crystal-clear sound output. In addition to personal files you have in your PC, Filmora features the import option that allows you to get uploaded pictures and video clips directly from the internet. This will further enhance your capability to edit raw videos and insert more images, graphics, and clips to your storyline. Filmora video editor delivers a high level of precision when it comes to speed control. Perfect for videos with time lapses, this software makes your video run faster up to 100X, or you can make it slower as an alternative presentation. One of the most advanced features of Filmora is the “Action Cam” module which focuses on high-resolution footages captured through specialized cameras like GoPro. It provides you the best chance to edit, import or export stunning high-resolution videos these high-speed cameras can deliver. Additionally, one of the features you can enjoy with Filmora is the frame-by-frame preview which allows you to check the video and audio tracks one at a time. This will help you locate the distorted portions, overlapping videos or sounds, poor audio quality and bad placements of motion elements running through the video track. Filmora’s frame-by-frame preview makes it more comfortable to insert the video clips, background music, and graphic displays into their specific track. While editing each frame, you can modify the color output, balance, and contrast using the adjustment buttons provided. Its color-tuning functions help improve the overall appearance of your video especially if it will be viewed in a high-resolution screen. Each time you accomplish editing a video, Filmora will provide all necessary playback options (play, stop, rewind and forward) to help you monitor its overall output.

Panning and zooming capabilities

To get your ideas in mind pumped up, Filmora provides panning and zooming screen movements dedicated for your still footage. It will appear like a slideshow or moving elements that can make your audience become interested. This unique feature is useful if you’re creating a travel blog, documentary films or educational materials for little one. If you are a concern with aspect ratio, you can edit raw videos aspect ratios either in 1:1 (square) or 9:16 (portrait) without encountering the black frame. Product promotion has evolved tremendously through the application of video streaming at the present day. Online marketers never forget to add text layers and embedded music when creating videos for marketing and communication purposes. Filmora lets you add five text tracks throughout the video along with music and sound effects up to 10 tracks. Whether they are created for business or tutorial use, adding text characters and extra sounds become easier with this special feature. Adding camera shakes definitely brings any raw footage to life. This run-and-gun camera feature makes stable images or footages appear like they are captured with a hand-held device. Filmora contributes a great list of camera effects that will provide a greater sense of excitement, dynamics and nervousness to your target viewers. This camera technique is suitable for creating a sports program, news-gathering (live interviews and reports) or videos that use loud music and bold sound effects. The application is easy since all you have to do is to select the camera shake you want and drag it directly on your timeline. The Filmora mentioned above features are just the basic ones, but they seem complete enough to accommodate your video-editing needs. There’s no extensive software training required to learn this amazing software, just read the free user guide you can have from Filmora. In fact, software tips and tricks are provided by Wondershare, and you can find them when you browse its official website. Video tutorials, user guides, and technical support are available to help you get started and produce your first-ever video in full swing.

Welcome to the advanced tools of Filmora

Filmora introduces its Picture-in-picture feature which allows you to layer a number of video clips in one track. This advanced tool increases the value of your video project since it will show one or two additional video clips apart from your main footage. It’s perfect to make marketing videos or educational tools that require extra video segment for product demos or added text information. You can also assign an individual music or moving elements for each video clip. The beauty of Filmora video editor doesn’t only focus on the editing side but also the audio quality being heard. Filmora features a built-in audio-mixer which you can utilize to adjust the audio settings of each video frame. It works as an audio equalizer where you can boost the bass sounds, embedded music, and voices of the speakers. This is truly a great add-on if you wish to make your own music video or a TV commercial. Filmora’s text editing offers other text options than its default font styles and colors. It has an advanced setting which allows you to edit the titles, captions, colors, and sizes to match the right needs of your project. Aside from this, text animation is also included as part of the moving elements that go with graphics and video clips. This is why Filmora easily grabs the attention of your viewers without making them feel distracted or annoyed while watching. If you don’t feel like using a black or white background on your videos, Filmora features the Chroma key tool which lets you modify the background and add some special effects. Now, if you want sources other than downloaded videos and images, you can maximize the screen recording tool of Filmora. It records the actual screen of your PC and other images captured by your web camera. This is totally awesome if you like to share what you’re up to or create your own tutorial video wherever you are. For ease of editing, Filmora lets you perform the work in a split screen mode. You can play or modify two or more video clips simultaneously so you can thoroughly evaluate how the videos will blend with one another. However, Filmora only allows editing of one video at a time then just combine the videos later on. Surprisingly, Filmora offers a small collection of color grading presets that provides your video with a specific theme similar to some popular movies. This will definitely improve the marketability of the video and attract more viewers especially kids. As opposed to the main purpose of camera shake, Filmora gives you the option to stabilize all camera shakes seen on your video. Camera movements seem inevitable in random scenarios such as on-the-spot recording or candid shooting. There are special buttons to eliminate camera movements so your viewers won’t get distracted easily. Video stabilization is also applied to remove excessive hand-held shaking and unwanted scenes particularly if you are creating presentations out of interviews, field research and formal events. Filmora never run out of ideas to make your videos look standout among other competitors on the market. When you edit a video using multiple sources, you can draw focus on one video clip or moving element and make other portions look blurred. With this advanced feature, you can create remarkable family videos, documentary films and learning materials for kids. It’s like you’re creating a set of moving pictures using manual focusing similar to an SLR camera. Perfect for voice over projects or documentary videos, Filmora allows you to edit the audio portion of your video clip separately. You can manually detach the audio components, modify their sound effects and tempos then re-combine them to the video clip after doing the editing work. There’s nothing to worry since Filmora will display the audio and video tracks separately so you can add whatever audio or visual effects you prefer. In addition to this, Filmora has an automatic scene detection which helps you locate the exact scenes you’d like to modify again. Filmora shows all the tracks in a thumbnail view, allowing you not to waste precious time and effort. The success of any video presentation doesn’t only depend on the quality of the video but also how your viewers appreciate the sounds. Filmora brings a comprehensive preset of audio equalizers in fine-tuning the audio tracks, background music, and sound effects. This will bring more life to any video specifically if you’re making a music video or tourism-oriented shows. What’s making Filmora even more exciting is that you can blend all the components together and produce a marvelous video without the stutters and hard-to-decipher audio. By default, there are black bars surrounding your videos while editing. You can replace the black bars with blurry pictures as your video background. Select either from your personal files or default images provided by Filmora and then apply the image immediately. Additionally, the software lets you adjust the sizes of your images through cropping or resizing to fit them in different aspect ratios. Filmora gives you the most functional tools from cropping the pictures to merging in individual video clips. Having all these advanced settings allows for better control of your video, audio and image outputs. What you need to control is the amount of color saturation, brightness, and frequency of the moving elements so viewers can watch the video with smiles on their faces.

The subscription choices

Note: Check Filmora coupon here before you decide to buy it. Wondershare offers clients the best deals that will suit their specific needs whether for personal, educational or commercial use. Filmora video editor is available in three subscription plans that offer the same results except for their service duration. You can download the free version directly from Wondershare and test its major features for a limited time. Filmora is free of charge for 15 days and then you will be asked to get a subscription for its continuous service. Filmora trial version offers you no less than its main features including free software and policy updates. However, the only disadvantage of the trial version is its automatic service termination since you can only use the video editor in just a couple of weeks. Another thing is that watermarks can’t be removed from the video output unless you get a premium subscription. From there, you need to decide whether to get a lifetime subscription or a one-year subscription, both having the same list of features and benefits. When talking about Wondershare’s best seller, Filmora Lifetime edition seems to be the best choice among the plans. You get a chance to utilize Filmora’s comprehensive features with a one-time payment of $59.90. There’ll be no annual billing to worry about and still receive some fresh updates and constant communication with Wondershare’s technical representatives. Aside from its complete features, there are no watermarks on your video output, meaning you can export it regardless of your purpose. If you are undecided, you may settle with the one-year subscription and still get all the features you like. The one-year subscription costs only $39.90 which is relatively cheaper than the lifetime edition. Expect an annual billing delivered to you and you will be requested to fill up a new form if you want to renew your subscription. Alternatively, you can upgrade this subscription to a lifetime version for only $59.90. Wondershare doesn’t lack the initiative to protect its beloved clients across the world. An advanced encryption process is currently employed to secure all payments as well as fraud incidents that may arise. All paid subscriptions come with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee in case you decide to terminate the Filmora suite within one month. A full refund will only be allowed under reasonable circumstances or when refund terms and conditions are satisfied. There are free updates released on a regular basis to inform Filmora users of any software developments and customer issues. If there are concerns related to software use and payment issues, Wondershare has deployed a great number of client support specialists to manage them. They are the right experts to explain to you the conditions under Wondershare’s refund regulations as well as its upgrade policy. Contact details such as emails, voice calls, and online forms are provided to get in touch with clients faster. In addition to this, Wondershare offers the Effects Store, an app store designed as an alternative source of overlays, filters, animated elements and other attractive video effects, which you can use for your video enhancements. You can browse the Effects Store and discover the newest trends in the world of video editing every month.

Learn the system requirements of Filmora

Filmora video editor requires a 64-bit Windows operating system version 7/8/10 and recent Mac OS versions as well. A hardware processor Intel i3 or higher multicore processor, 2GHz or above is also required to carry out the editing workload more efficiently. With regard to internal memory, Filmora will need At least 3GB physical RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos) and minimum 2GB free hard-disk space for software installation. Complementing its requirements, SSD or Solid State Disk is best recommended for editing HD and 4K videos. Filmora will require at least 1366X768 video resolution from your PC or even higher maximize its full potential especially for making web videos. Video resolution is crucial since it will determine if your video output can be played on other devices with lower resolutions. Internet speed is not an important factor but you will need this for software registration and quicker access to other services such as Effects Store and tech support. You don’t need an internet connection during editing but you will definitely need it when you start sharing your project. Filmora video editor is specially designed for non-professionals who want to make wholesome family videos to share. This editing tool also complements web marketers, lecturers, corporate trainers and even academic professionals to help them spread information fast. No special skills in video making are required, only the will to showcase what a brilliant mind should be. Filmora provides everything a fast learner will need and all you need to do is to make sure that your machine has all the hardware specifications listed here installed. Filmora delivers a broad range of filters and overlays up to 300, huge enough to spice up your ideas and put them in a video. To make every scene more compelling, the topnotch software features over 100 transitional effects to go along with background music and images. Wondershare provides video tutorials and a user guide to help you get started. But first, you need to register the software and acquire the license key in order to install Filmora. Its user guide will teach you the following topics.
  • Edit the videos, images, and audio in a magnetic timeline
  • Import video clips, audio clips, music, and images in different formats
  • Add graphics overlays, effects, moving titles, still objects and filters.
  • Export your video output in popular web video formats
  • Share your videos to prominent video streaming sites (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc.)
  • Export edited a video to burn it to a DVD or convert the file in the mobile application
  • Removes watermark (product branding)
  • Provide software tips and tricks

Disadvantages of Wondershare Filmora

Watermarks are clearly seen on each video output especially if you only use the free version. When it comes to texts, Filmora doesn’t have provisions to include closed captions or subtitles which might be useful for viewers with hearing impairment. Also, there are no configuration settings to adjust the surround sounds. Since this software is dedicated for newbies and casual users, some advanced editing options are not available here. Unlike professional editing software, Filmora doesn’t have the ability to edit or import 360-degree video sources or track fast-moving objects. There are certain types of camera views that you can’t import into your storyboard. Panoramic views, for example, may get more distorted when you apply cropping or resizing. While this software allows you to burn DVDs, you are prohibited to add a menu on your disc copy. Filmora is a wonderful choice for casual users and beginners, but veteran editors may prefer more control over their video projects than this nearly complete program can offer.

Removing the watermarks

Unfortunately, watermarks can’t be removed unless you decide to upgrade the trial version into a paid subscription either one-year or lifetime edition. If you really want to remove the watermark, getting an upgraded version is a better choice since all video outputs made from a trial version are considered exclusive properties of Wondershare. When you decide to purchase Filmora, click on the “Buy Now” link from its official site and follow the instructions carefully. After receiving an email confirmation, you can now reopen the project you made from the trial version. When you find your project file, click on the register button and enter your email address and software code included in the email. You’ll see a pop-up window indicating that you have successfully registered your paid version. Continue the project and when you’re done, select the format you prefer and export the video on any streaming video or social media platform. You’ll notice that the watermark is now gone when you watch the exported video.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • One-click video themes and filters
  • Easy drop-and-drag functionality
  • Fully customized editing tools
  • Advanced editing tools provided
  • Video tutorials and user guide provided
  • Better options for royalty-free music
  • Wide selection of font styles, graphic overlays and motion elements


  • Free trial only offers limited time
  • Video output for export is watermarked
  • Non-watermarked videos require upgrade
  • Random computer crash for heavy use
  • Single video and audio track only


Wondershare Filmora is a versatile video editor that combines multiple pictures and video clips to create a fascinating video. With this incredible software, you are free to add effects, filters and moving graphics to convert any boring video into a sharable movie. Producing a mind-blowing video is easy because you just need to select the video, pick up the theme or effects and the software will handle the rest. Filmora has the best technology to turn any average video look amazing but still you need some extra cash on hand to get rid of the software brand.


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