How to Process and Reduce GoPro 4K Video Size with VideoProc


Why consider VideoProc for your GoPro videos?

Featuring VideoProc, the most recent powerful video processing app released by Digiarty Software to turn your raw footages into sharable ones. VideoProc is equipped with all the functional features you need to process all video types including GoPro 4K video footages. This professional app features a unique combination of video editing tools and video processing like parameter adjustment settings that will complement 4K video creation with no loss of quality. If you’re actively using GoPro Quick, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or Adobe Premier Elements, VideoProc could become your next viable option to help you process and edit UHD/4K videos shot from GoPro cameras in a better way.

VideoProc lets you take full advantage of your GPU in the forms of AMD processor, Intel QSV and Nvidia CUDA/NVENC in performing the whole process without causing your PC to break down. With this tool, you can create video filters, modify video colors or even add sound effects to make your videos become more interesting to the viewers.

Read more details on how VideoProc utilize GPU acceleration in Video Compressing >>

VideoProc is a suitable alternative if your current media player doesn’t accept HEVC videos (GoPro videos). One thing more, not all video editors can process low-rated video resolution, unlike VideoProc where you can perform efficient video processing in full extent.

Who can use VideoProc?

VideoProc is an awesome editing software that accommodates raw videos produced from mobile phones, HD cameras, webcams, drones and of course, GoPro professional cameras. This versatile tool is appealing to both aspiring video editors as well as experts who prefer a faster solution to deliver smooth 4K videos without compromising their overall output.

It’s accessible to everyone who means you don’t need to become a professional editor or someone who uses Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut X to understand its features. VideoProc runs efficiently under moderate hardware resources so you won’t have to deal with system non-response as compared with other heavily loaded software.

How to Process and Reduce GoPro 4K Video Size with VideoProc?

It’s about time to learn the basics of how to use this incredible 4K video processing tool. This user guide can provide you the general idea on how to edit, crop, transcode, compress and adjust a GoPro 4K video.

For many Video processors, when reduce GoPro 4K file size, you will probably lose some video quality, but the most attractive thing is that VideoPro will maintain all for you.


How to Process and Reduce GoPro 4K Video Size – the basic cutting

In this process, what you need to do first is to click the “+Video” to import a single GoPro video or multiple GoPro 4K video clips and then follows the succeeding steps below:

  1. When the video is already on the video track, select the “Cut” on the edit toolbar.
  2. Drag the “Green knob” at both ends of the imported video to determine the start and end time locations.
  3. Hit the orange “Cut” button on the right and then the middle portion between the set knobs.
  4. In order to cut video duration, simply click the “Edit” icon beside the clip trimmer, adjust the start/end time of the video and then click “Done” button to complete the first clip. Same application is also applied to the other shortened clips.
  5. Adjust the sequences of the clips by using up and down arrows after separating the original video clip.
  6. Click “Done” found on the bottom right corner. You’ll notice that the short clips that you have removed from the original file are automatically merged into one video.


How to Process and Reduce GoPro 4K Video Size – the video cropping

To begin this, click the “Crop” button to display the video cropping window. Select the “Enable Crop” option and notice the dot lines appearing on four sides of the video frame. Drag the dot line to adjust the frame and eliminate all unwanted portions in an instant. From here, click the “preset” drop-down icon and choose the crop option you want from the provided list (Keep Current, 16:9, 1:1, etc.). As another alternative, you can manually crop the video frame to set up your own video size and then click “Done” to save the changes.

How to Process and Reduce GoPro 4K Video Size – Video Splitting

VideoProc splits the imported video on an average of 10 segments to start with. To open the Split working board, kindly click the “Toolbox” button, locate the “Split” button and select “Codec option” on the right portion of the video display. You can trim the source video on the left into the exact duration you need to separate. You can also modify the default segments, or fine-tune the start/end time of every segment before saving your project.

Cool visual effects selection

If you love video effects, VideoProc is the best GoPro editor capable of producing stunning audio/visual effects for your 4K videos. Find the magic wand icon to open the “Effects” window. Select the video filter effects you’d like to integrate on your video. Also, you can make the necessary adjustments on image brightness, contrast and saturation to further enhance your visual effects.

How to Process and Reduce GoPro 4K Video Size – Convert 4K to MP4


For this process, click the “+Video” to import any GoPro 4K video or select multiple videos if you want to perform transcoding by batch. Hit the “Video” tab located at the bottom of the screen and select your preferred output format. For GoPro videos, especially GoPro Hero 6, we highly recommend you to convert GoPro 4K HEVC to H.264 (MP4), without losing any video quality.

If you can’t find the format you like, click the “Target Format” button to display more video profiles and match any uncommon format you have. For general profiles, for instance, you can transcode any video to H.264, MOV, MPEG4, HEVC, WebM, etc.

Can you now imagine the power of VideoProc in producing professionally-made videos with all these features? If you wish to evaluate the software first before deciding to get one, Digiarty Software releases a free version. To get started with VideoProc, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download VideoProc installer for Windows and Mac, get VideoProc trial code to unlock all features>>

This 4K video transcoder supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 for both 32 and 64 bit. For Mac users, use Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain, Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/El, Capitan/Mac, High Sierra and Mojave (10.14).

  1. Double click “videoproc-setup.exe” to install the software.

Access the VideoProc exe and click “Yes” button when the user account control window appears. Let the installation process proceed, select the “I agree to the user license agreement” and hit the “Install” button. When the installation is done, launch the software, and you’ll notice its main interface is divided into four sections namely Video, DVD, Downloader and Recorder.

Installing the full version of VideoProc could be your initial step to share your bright ideas through wonderfully-created 4K videos. The best way to get the attention of your viewers is to make your videos unique, and luckily, VideoProc has the perfect tools to transform your dreams into reality.

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