Leawo Music Recorder Review



What is Leawo music recorder?

A large number of tools are available for the people in today’s world, who are interested in recording music. Out of those applications, Leawo music recorder has received a lot of attention in the recent past. It can be considered as a proven and an effective method available to record sounds. Due to this reason, this tool has become extremely popular among individuals who are looking for conventional methods to record music.

Features of Leawo music recorder

It is a versatile audio recording tool

The best thing about Leawo music recorder is its versatility. You will be able to use this tool in order to record music or audio from multiple sources. They include the sounds produced by your computer, as well as the sounds that you can take in from an audio input. It is even possible for you to go ahead and record audio given out by online music streaming sources. If you are listening to music on Last.fm and YouTube, this will be the most convenient method available for you to go ahead and record your audio tracks. You will never come across any difficulties due to the level of flexibility offered by this tool. The other bonus features that you will be able to get along with Leawo music recorder such as album cover finder and Task Scheduler have received a lot of attention as well.

It has a scheduled audio recorder

It is possible for you to discover a scheduled audio recorder in Leawo music recorder. If you want to record your favorite radio program, you just need to seek the assistance of this functionality. When you are configuring, you just need to define the starting time and the duration. Then the audio recorder will go ahead and record music automatically for you. This will provide you with the opportunity to keep a peace of mind in the long run as well. That’s because Leawo music recorder can make your life easy by automating your audio recordings.

It can automatically grab meta information of audio files

Leawo music recorder has got the ability to grab Meta information of the audio files automatically. This can be considered as another great reason behind the popularity of this audio recording software. All the essential Meta tags of songs, including the song name, artist name, album cover and album name will be captured by Leawo music recorder. Hence, you will be provided with the opportunity to overcome the frustration of renaming the music files. When you are recording a large number of audio files at a given time, you will be able to overcome the hassle of managing the hassle linked with all those files. You will effectively be provided with the ability to manage all the files you have.

Why should you take a look at Leawo music recorder?

Plenty of reasons are available for you to take a look at Leawo music recorder for all your audio recording needs as well. Below mentioned are few of the most prominent reasons out of them.

1. It doesn’t provide freedom for an audio source to escape

Whether you are using computer audio or built-in audio, you will be provided with the ability to get a hassle-free experience while you use Leawo music recorder. Regardless of the source, this audio recording tool has the ability to record the audio and save them. This tool has got the ability to record sounds in both WAV and MP3 formats.

2. It has a recording task scheduler

Another great feature about Leawo music recorder is the availability of a recording task scheduler. Hence, your life will be made much easy when using the tool. You don’t need to put manual efforts when you are recording audio files with the help of this tool.

3. It automatically completes music information

Leawo music recorder is backed up by one of the most powerful music databases. It has got the ability to provide the essential Meta information for the music tracks that you record with the use of this application. In other words, Leawo music recorder is extremely powerful to recognize all your recordings automatically. On the other hand, it can even download the music files into complete audio tracks, which contain information about the song name, song album, artist and song album cover.

4. It provides customized recording capabilities

With Leawo music recorder, it will be possible for you to experience customized audio recording capabilities. For example, when you are recording the tracks played by a radio station, you will be able to notice gaps in between the tracks. Leawo music recorder has got the ability to help you split and take out those gaps. Therefore, you will be able to end up with music tracks at the end of the day.

5. It provides the ability for you to edit recordings manually

All recordings that you do with Leawo music recorder can easily be edited manually. Therefore, you will not have to look for another alternative method in order to edit the music tracks that you have got on your device. With the tracks that you have recorded with Leawo music recorder, you will be able to create customized playlists as well. As a music lover, you will come across the need to edit your playlists as well. Leawo music recorder provides you with the ability to do it with minimum hassle.

Pros and Cons:

Ok, here is pros and cons time. Leawo Music Recorder has no exception.  Leawo comes with powerful in recording music and it also has some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the details as following:


1. Nice user interface

2. task scheduler for scheduling music recording

3. record either from computer audio, or audio input (like Microphone)

4. Works for all online streaming sites

5. automatically add MP3 tags info like Title, Artist, Album, Genre and Album Cover

6. Easy to transfer recorded music to iTunes library


1. Required install a virtual sound card

2. not free


As you can see, Leawo music recorder can be considered as one of the most powerful audio recording tools available for you to consider. Any person who is interested in recording music tracks will be able to take a look at Leawo music recorder and experience all the powerful features that are being offered by it. You will eventually fall in love with Leawo music recorder as well.



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