Sidify DRM Music Converter Review: Safe Spotify Alternative



With its amazing music playback features, Spotify delivers great MP3 music experience for music fans on a whole new level. In fact, Spotify is averaging more than 100 million users, both free accounts, and paid subscriptions, and provides the best access to over 30 million music tracks, albums, and playlists.

Spotify free accounts have to go through tons of advertisements while premium subscribers enjoy direct access to Spotify-created music catalogs hassle-free. This awesome privilege has given music lovers the burning desire to download their favorite hits straight from the world’s best streaming music platform.

Unfortunately, Spotify does not allow downloaded music to be played on different music platforms other than its own software. Regardless if you are a paid subscriber, you can only play these downloaded tracks and playlists from Spotify. This is why you need a powerful music downloader like Sidify DRM Music Converter to access your favorite songs from portable audio players, PCs and mobile phones.

Here’s what Sidify music converter can provide to its users:

  • Converts Spotify playlist or individual tracks to MP3 and other popular formats
  • Produces Spotify music in high-quality 320kbps bit rate without signing up a premium account from Spotify
  • Extracts audio MP3 from Spotify music without disrupting audio quality
  • Provides easy access to enjoy Spotify music on USB players, car stereos and home theater components
  • Allows easy transfer of playlist from one music library to another location

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The music downloader like no other

Selecting a reliable Spotify music downloader is important so you can enjoy listening on your favorite devices anytime. Sidify DRM music converter provides the most efficient streaming music solutions which produce sharp MP3 Spotify songs in just a few minutes. It’s the fastest music downloading tool that removes DRM protection while retaining the original audio quality from Spotify. You can choose among different output formats as well as adjust the output parameters according to your sound preference up to 320kbps bit rate or less.

Sidify DRM music converter is capable of producing Spotify music in MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC and FLAC formats. This versatile converter software can extract the audio MP3 from the original source then convert them into accessible formats, allowing you to play your downloaded music to other portable devices.

If you need to convert an entire playlist, Sidify provides you a drag-and-drop functionality to send the playlist directly to the music converter. In addition to this, Sidify music converter has the ability to filter out disturbing Spotify ADs that run between the Spotify playlist.

More benefits than other music converters

Sidify DRM music converter features an advanced ID3 tagging technology which seems very useful for organizing your music library. Track details are automatically saved in your output folder, and you can modify some track information like song title, artist and record labels if needed. Equipped with a reliable DRM decrypting feature, Sidify can convert a large number of Spotify songs up to 5X conversion speed though results may vary according to a number of batches downloading and internet condition. Luckily, this easy-to-use software will only require 512MB internal memory, 1GHz processor and a good sound card from your PC.

Sidify DRM music converter is available on MAC and Windows operating systems, both earlier and recent versions.

Sidify music converter requires no expertise when you install this, and you can directly download the software from While converting Spotify songs, Sidify appeared faster and more efficient than other popular Spotify music converters on the market. Furthermore, you can expect no quality loss during and after the conversion process. Apart from emails, A 24/7 customer service is readily available to answer your queries through voice calls and contact forms.

Unique user experience from Sidify

Sidify DRM music converter has an intuitive interface, developed with a minimalistic approach to keep your screen from clutters. Everyone can operate the software easily because you only need to drag the Spotify songs to Sidify’s main navigation screen. Once you have installed Sidify DRM music converter on your PC, locate the “+” sign at the top left portion to add some Spotify songs then click ‘Ok.” On the top right section, you can find the “Settings” cons where you can adjust the output format and other parameters like codecs, channel, bit rate and conversion speed.

After setting up the audio output, click on “Convert” and wait for the entire process to finish. Downloading and converting files will take some time especially if you are downloading Spotify songs on multiple occasions. After completing the conversion process, you may transfer the files, create backup files or edit them if you wish to. Your Spotify music is now ready to play whether from your PCs, smartphones or portable music players.

Unlike other Spotify music converters, you don’t need to keep an eye while Sidify is downloading your songs. You can leave your desktop PCs or laptops and come back later to check the progress. However, Sidify music converter will not download the songs to your PC in advance. Besides this, a history icon is provided next to the settings icon where you can review Spotify songs you have downloaded earlier.

You get all these exciting features of Sidify DRM music converter, all priced at $39.95 for a lifetime version. If you can’t decide at the moment, a trial version is available for a limited time so you can evaluate Sidify’s performance before you place an order.


  • Elegant user interface and easy to learn
  • Performs batch downloading and fast conversions up to 5X
  • Sorts files automatically including ID3 tags
  • Supports file sharing or email exchange
  • Provides access to burn Spotify music on CDs


  • Only supports Spotify
  • The software version is not intended for commercial use
  • Trial version provides only 3 minutes of each downloaded song


Sidify DRM music converter provides the finest solutions in converting any audio from Spotify to outstanding MP3 music fast. If you are a huge fan of Spotify, installing this highly advanced music downloader in your computer is considered an essential to enjoy awesome music effortlessly.


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