Solutery Music Recorder Review – Fascinating Software to Discover What Real Streaming Music Is



Get the most out of streaming music with the application of Solutery Music Recorder. It is an awesome free-to-play recording software that captures high-quality music straight from different streaming platforms in MP3 format. With this amazing recording tool, you get solid music and video entertainment from YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and thousands of other sources. This prodigious software has the best ability to retain original sound quality from the source, so you can enjoy listening without making you feel reluctant to pay.

Why switch to Solutery Music Recorder?

If you feel tired of your old, stubborn audio recorder, switching to this fascinating software gives you more room to discover what real streaming music is all about. Solutery music recorder provides everything you need to capture the most wanted hits on the airwaves. Besides music, you can enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts, web radios, celebrity interviews and even past TV program episodes on any given day. There’s no extensive training required because Solutery music recorder is designed intuitively to accommodate everyone regardless of computer skills.

In just one click on the record button, you get high-quality audio output stored in your PC right away. Solutery music recorder supports a vast number of audio formats including Mp3, Mp4, WAV, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and others. What making Solutery even more enticing is its conversion feature which allows you to play the audio output on various devices. If you worry about its interface, Solutery is highly adaptable to everyone, providing easy access to all main function menus and buttons in a single window.

Solutery music recorder features an incredible ID3 tagging system that captures all track details immediately upon recording. All recorded files automatically display the artist name, track title, track duration and recording label. This special feature allows you to edit the tags manually if ever you find any incorrect tag. This is why Solutery provides the best music recording solution to keep your personal music library in an organized manner.

If you want to try changing the ID3 tag, you only need to select the specific song you’d like to modify. You will see the second icon located on the right side. Select the icon and edit the information you want to change then click “Ok.” Modifying the ID3 tags applies to all kinds of recorded music, online shows, and social media sources.

Solutery music recorder captures your music through its primary audio output, so you don’t need to rely on speaker volume during recording. It allows batch downloading, so it becomes easier to acquire music tracks from podcast episodes and playlists. You can even leave your PC while downloading process is in place, but you can’t perform any recording in advance or when your PC is offline. This reliable software is easy to install and requires a paid subscription to help you maximize its full potential.

More Solutery features to love

Solutery is equipped with basic recording settings that will allow you to modify your audio output more efficiently. Before you begin recording, you can change some settings such as tempo, bit rate, file format and compression size. Changing the bit rate, for example, is allowed in all recorded music. Go to settings and adjust the bitrate you desire either 192 kbps or 320 kbps sound output.

Software installation is manageable, and all you need to do is to follow directions including a selection of your preferred language. Solutery audio recorder requires a minimum 1GB Hz Intel processor and 512MB internal memory to run. Its overall performance will rely on hardware specifications installed in your PC as well as internet speed at your location. However, incidents such as system crash or slow response time may happen during downloading.

When you record, expect only crystal-clear streaming music and no disturbing noises and online ADs. Solutery audio recorder can eliminate the ADs that run in between music tracks especially if you are downloading an entire playlist. This amazing software can split music tracks into multiple files which are perfect for creating a clean and organized music directory. Moreover, you can utilize Solutery as a ringtone creator by converting some recorded music into a ringtone.

Creating a personalized ringtone is fun especially if you make one with Solutery. Decide on what file you want to convert into a ringtone and click the third icon at the far right. Slowly adjust the red tag to select the exact portion of the song you want to convert. When it’s done, you can check the results or save the ringtone on your output folder.


When you purchase Solutery music recorder, you will be given a license key to register the software. As a start, a trial version is available if you want to test its features and recording performance before deciding to get one. Go to the “Settings” icon and then select on “Register” to get started. In this case, you need to encode your verified email along with your license key.

It is really exciting to record your first streaming music with Solutery. Just launch the software and click on “Start Recording” button located at the bottom right of your screen. Switch to the streaming music platform and click on the “Play” button. When you’re done, simply click on “Stop” button and play the recorded files later on.

If you wish to check the audio output, open Solutery Music Recorder and select the recorded music tracks you want. Click on “Play” button and observe the sounds cautiously. If you encounter any unfinished recording, use the application key or right-click the selected file and press “Delete.”


  • Features a user-friendly software interface
  • Allows single track and batch downloading
  • Provides high-quality Mp3 music
  • Easy access to hundreds of popular streaming music sites
  • Easy installation
  • Easy file transfer and sorting
  • Has ID3 tag technology
  • Features automatic split tracks and removes online ADs


  • No audio editing tools
  • Random computer crash due to batch downloading
  • Paid subscription
  • Only support for Windows


Solutery Music Recorder appears to be an excellent alternative to acquire super-clear Mp3 music from your favorite online music sites. Having this wonderful recording tool will definitely change the way you think about perfect music entertainment wherever you go


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