What is Spotify Drake?  How to Get Rid of it and Get 3 Months Free Subscription


What is the Drake about?

Promotional materials and advertisements are just normal things surrounding the online world. You’ll see them popping up on the screen whenever you browse or listen to your favorite music platform. Even free apps, trial software, and social media display the same ADs over and over. But how do you feel when you see the ADs blocking off when you’re supposed to receive an AD-free service?

Have you ever heard of “Spotify Drake?” Drake, the electrifying Canadian rapper who had set a recording milestone shortly after he joined the music seen in 2006, is recently promoting his latest chart-topping album “Scorpion” on Spotify. But Spotify, the world’s largest streaming music platform, has turned Drake’s latest album even more sensational due to its over-the-top online promotion schemes. The news breaks anew, following a rising number of Spotify users who complain about online ADs constantly appearing on their screen.

According to Billboard report, several premium Spotify users were extremely frustrated by Drake’s excessive album promotion, forcing these paying customers to demand a full refund or cancel their subscription if Spotify fails to act. Drake’s new album, dubbed as “ScorpionSZN” flooded the Spotify app, making paying subscribers feel upset. While Drake had established a household name for himself, it didn’t mean that everyone was convinced about the idea of an artist taking over the whole streaming music site. In fact, Spotify refuses to accommodate any refund request for just feeling annoyed over Drake.

Paying for premium service, seeing Drake’s face again and again

For some Spotify subscribers, their request for a refund was granted by Spotify after numerous customer complaints that significantly flooded its system. Spotify had heavily promoted Drake’s “Scorpion,” his latest release, even using his random images on playlists and genres that didn’t even match his music. Spotify playlists, for instance, often flashed his image and his music didn’t even get close to some of them like “Best of Pop,” “Massive Dance Hits,” “Morning Rush Beats” or “Top 100 British hits.” His recent promotion was considered a massive Spotify artist take over because it’s the first time an artist surpassed other Spotify playlists in a single day.

Spotify subscribers even observed Drake’s images and cover album were seen everywhere in various homepage sections like playlists and search results. Music fans looked at the incident as kind of aggravating and excessive that the promotion was way beyond while it seemed normal for many artists to receive promotional spots on Spotify. What’s making this Drake-hate thing even annoying was the fact that paid subscribers weren’t supposed to receive frequent Spotify ADs. When a subscriber contacts Spotify, he or she will encounter an aggressive group of customer service representatives who will keep pushing the promotion until the subscriber gets pissed off.

Now, if you’re patient enough to stay on the line for hours, you might get a three-month free subscription which already worked for some people. A report said that a Reddit subscriber had obtained a free subscription after a spiraling conversation with a customer service staff. That conversation was posted and viewed over ten thousand times and growing. However, the refund transaction was not supported by any official refund policy from Spotify management.

If you mention the bothersome Drake promotion spam, Spotify will likely grant you a refund for a month or more. Contact the Spotify customer support and demand a clear explanation why Drake’s face is covering all sections of your screen. Since it is a “Scorpion” advertisement, assert the terms and conditions of your premium subscription that you should not get any online AD. If Spotify opposes to grant a refund, ask them to give your money back or better cancel your subscription as a last resort.

Since there are other popular streaming music providers out there to choose from, Spotify will definitely consider solving this troublesome promotional crisis as soon as possible. Some Spotify users have posted their copy of the chat transcript to tell others what to do. For a prominent streaming music provider like Spotify, this could be a strong reminder not to put any man’s disturbing face everywhere. Bring your business elsewhere if you fail to get a refund rather than spending your precious time talking nonsense with them.

If you want to get rid of yourself of this blatant advertising at once, try reaching Spotify more aggressively because they might offer you a money back or one to three-month free subscription. Subscription plans might be an important factor especially if you’re already a long -time client. Money talks and always consider yourself a valuable Spotify customer that deserves more out of the money you pay for. It is clearly understood that paying a premium subscription would mean no annoying ADs on your homepage while allowing easy access to millions of Spotify playlists carrying only the right picture.

Voices must be heard to make Spotify become aware that this scheme is totally unacceptable for paid subscribers. You can utilize the Spotify community, user forums and official social media account to send your foremost concern. Internet calls, email and online contact forms are also available to reach Spotify customer support fast.

In contrast to this issue, Spotify claims that Drake’s “Scorpion” album promotion only intends to celebrate his new success as the most streamed rapper /artist today. It is expected that the playlists and browse section will get back to normal after a few weeks. The larger concern here doesn’t focus on the financial loss incurred by the refunds, but rather the bad impression that damages Spotify’s stature in the global scene. For Spotify users who complained, they felt that Spotify wasn’t able to handle the situation fairly.

There is no official statement or comment released from Spotify up to this date, but Billboard considers the reported refunds from a number of paying subscribers were least possible. It appears that Spotify is taking these growing customer complaints seriously, following the push-back from some of its premium subscribers. The Canadian rapper’s “Scorpion” album has tremendously surpassed selling records across the globe. Despite its remarkable success, Spotify users felt that the one-man show promotion has gone too far.

Get free subscriptions for Spotify?

Yes, when you complain Drake to Spotify support, they will give you 3 months free subscriptions as an apology.  Are you willing to take it?

Method of Getting Rid of Drake’s Annoying Ads

Switch to Apple music or other streaming music services to avoid Drake. Or you can record Spotify to enjoy music like the old way.  While listening to your favorite recorded songs, you won’t have to worry in regards to overly promoted Drake ads.

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