Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Mac Review



Boundless media access is finally here with the advent of TunesKit Media Converter. You can now enjoy your favorite full-length movies, short films and TV shows anytime in complete M4V access with no restrictions to worry about.

Importance of TunesKit M4V Media Converter

Apple FairPlay is the DRM technology applied by Apple on various multimedia and software products to protect them from their own Mac OS. iTunes subscribers often complain about this DRM system since it restricts people from accessing the media contents if they don’t make an upgrade. Since DRM restricts your access to play M4V videos on different iOS devices, you definitely need a powerful DRM remover and media converter to get rid of this problem. If you aren’t familiar with TunesKit M4V Media converter, you can discover here what this efficient utility software is capable of.


The great wonders of TunesKit M4V Converter for Mac

If you just want to enjoy watching blockbuster movies from iTunes and you have no any intention to resell them, you definitely need the expertise of TunesKit m4V Media Converter. TunesKit M4V Media Converter is a comprehensive DRM remover app that enables you to eliminate DRM protection of iTunes media contents and convert them to standard M4V video as well as other accessible formats like MOV, MPG, AVI, FLV, MP3 and FLAC among others. It’s an incredible media converter that facilitates file conversion of non-M4V sources to another format so you can play them on various or different device. This feature-packed software will help you gain easy access to millions of iTunes movies, TV programs, lectures and learning materials using Apple and Android devices.


TunesKit M4V Media Converter works as an excellent remover of FairPlay DRM decryption which normally goes with iTunes media rentals and purchases offered to the subscribers. This special tool easily removes the DRM control and converts the media files according to your desired format. Once the DRM security is removed, everyone is now entitled to enjoy watching 1080P full HD videos or even higher to all prominent mobile devices in high-quality audio output. So if you’re tired of getting restrained by Apple FairPlay, it’s about time to purchase TunesKit M4V Media Converter sold only for a one-time fee of $44.95, originally from $59.95.


TunesKit M4V Media Converter empowers iTunes subscribers to removed DRM protection from either rented or purchased movies and TV shows without losing their original sounds. Aside from it, the software has the capacity to convert DRM-free videos to several popular formats including universal MP4, AVI, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, M4V, MOV, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, SWF, MP3, AAC, and others. This unique feature enables you to play the media files smoothly, and you don’t need to think about system compatibility. Indeed, TunesKit M4V video converter delivers you the best available solutions to convert non-M4V videos into playable formats.


What you can really appreciate with TunesKit M4V Media Converter is its ability to convert iTunes movies to lossless MP4, M4V, and other formats. This free-to-pay software can remove DRM protection in just a few minutes without damaging the original video and audio output. Expect full preservation of iTunes M4V videos because the software will convert the DRM-restricted and DRM-free M4V videos into different platforms of your choice. This only means you can enjoy the videos without experiencing stutters, intermittent sounds or distorted video output coming out of your mobile screen.


TunesKit M4V Media Converter is fully equipped with the basic output settings to establish your own file parameters to all converted M4V videos. The software displays a default video output setting, but it’s completely adjustable to fulfill your specific conversion needs. You can create your own setting for all video output which includes video codec, screen size, bit rate and preferred file format. With regard to audio tracks, you can change your audio output conveniently by adjusting tempo rate, bit rate, and audio codec.


Now, if you aren’t satisfied enough with the output setting, TunesKit M4V Media Converter has a built-in feature to edit videos which you can use to modify the video tracks. Try editing the videos by trimming or cropping some areas you’d like to improve. You can add watermarks, open captions, subtitles and different visual effects to personalize your video collection. The best thing is, you can import these converted M4V videos on any social media app or streaming video sites for easy sharing.


TunesKit M4V Media Converter appears intuitive, and you can operate this software with minimal orientation. You can convert each M4V video according to your selected output format in lossless quality. What you need to do is just to adjust the format from M4V to another format that’s accessible to your device. There’s nothing to worry about your output device since TunesKit video converter will automatically match its default presets including a color display and screen resolution.


TunesKit M4V Media Converter is not just limited to DRM removal and format conversion functions. Change all DRM-protected videos to unprotected M4V videos without compromising other existing video properties. This software can preserve the original sounds, retain the subtitles and multilingual audio outputs, making your M4V video free from becoming waste. Also, its 5.1 AC3 Dolby Surround Sound (audio track) is completely preserved when you set the video output in full HD M4V or Mp4 file.


Despite having a tough competition with other existing brands, TunesKit is still recognized as the world’s leading DRM remover and media converter up to this date. In fact, TunesKit M4V Media Converter for Mac features an advanced DRM decryption system that can perform DRM removal at 30X faster speed with no file damage. Expect 100% video and audio output retention as well as efficient M4V video file conversion on every performance. Install this essential software using Mac OSX 10.8 to 10.12 versions to optimize its full potential.


The user guide to a perfect video experience

TunesKit M4V Media Converter provides the most effective solution to get rid of DRM protections from protected iTunes movies and TV shows to DRM-free videos at 30X conversion speed. Find out how to remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos and convert them to another accessible format seamlessly.


  1. Launching TunesKit M4V Media Converter on your Mac

To get you started, you need to download the trial from TunesKit’s official site, install it and launch the program. Import the iTunes M4V video or any unprotected MP4 file to TunesKit Media Converter. To do this step, add the iTunes M4V video by selecting “Library” button found at the top of the main interface. Select the specific M4V video file and click on “OK” to proceed.

As an alternative, you can drag the M4V video directly and drop it to the conversion window. For unprotected videos, just click on the “Add File” button, select the files and then click on “OK.” Prior to actual conversion, you should authorized iTunes using your personal Apple account to verify if the original M4V videos you have purchased or selected could play well on iTunes.

  1. Adjusting the output setting

Once the iTunes M4V videos/movies are loaded, you can now modify the audio tracks and subtitles using TunesKit’s customize output settings. From here, you can decide whether to retain the audio tracks and subtitles or adjust them according to your own preference.


  1. Selecting your specified output format

To choose your desired output format, click on the “Format” button located at the bottom and wait for a pop-up window to appear. The pop-up window will display all output formats like MP4, M4V, HD MP4, AVI, MKV, HD videos, web videos and more. Remember to choose lossless M4V or Mp4 from the formats list if you wish to retain AC3 5.1 surround sound, captions, and subtitles. Click on the “Gear” icon sitting next to the “Format” button to adjust the parameters such as video codec, bit rate and audio channel among others.

TunesKit M4V Media Converter also displays the “Edit” icon which allows you to edit certain portions of your uploaded M4V video. What you can do with this feature includes:

  • Split large videos into smaller segments
  • Adjust color, contrast, and brightness
  • Add chapter info
  • Add watermarks, subtitles, and captions
  • Trim video and audio tracks


  1. Removing the DRM protection

Before you begin the process, determine the output folder where to keep the converted M4V videos. Click on the “Output” button and select the target destination. Otherwise, all converted files will be saved under the “Converted” folder. When it’s completed, click on the “Convert” button and wait for the process to finish.


  1. Previewing the converted M4V files

While waiting for a couple of minutes, you can have your converted DRM-free movies stored in your default output folder. Once the video files are converted, you can click the “Convert” button or your assigned folder at the top of the screen to view them separately. Fortunately, there’s a built-in media player to help you check the quality of the converted videos. Just click on “Play” button placed next to the filename and watch the video output. From here, you can now transfer the videos to any device and enjoy watching them without boundaries.


  • High quality output
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Support all popular output formats


  • No support for latest Mac OS
  • ID3 tag is not fully functional


TunesKit M4V Media Converter is a professional DRM-removal software that provides you a full control over your rented, purchased iTunes programs to watch them with no more restrictions. You are able to convert all M4V videos and movies to any accessible media format using Tuneskit's complete output profiles.


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