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It’s common that we put DVD disk into its cover on a shelf at home. And you believed that is good enough to make them safe. However, do you know that the shortest lifespan of a DVD or CD is only 5-10 years? In other words, DVD is NOT a lifelong storage of your favorite movies, precious data, as they are likely to fail sooner or later.

WinX DVD Ripper offers a better a way for backup your favorite DVDs.  It can convert your DVD to video files so that you can save them to computer hard disk or upload to your private cloud space. Go to the homepage to download it.


  • Supporting 99-title DVDs

Most of the new coming DVD movies come with 99-titles protection which makes DVD copy is impossible.  If you try to rip these DVDs with common DVD ripper software like Handbrake, you will get no sound, mixed up video after waiting for a long time. That is really frustrating! Thanks to WinX, 99-title DVD can be copied and ripped as any DVD movie.

  • Fast DVD converter ( hardware accelerated).

WinX rips a DVD movie for 5 mins with unique level-3 hardware acceleration. You may wonder what is the  level-3 hardware acceleration? Why does the level-3 hardware acceleration tech matter? The speed of DVD converting mainly depends on CPU only in the past. With the new accelerating tech, we speed up the processing of DVD conversion by both  CPU and GPU. In another word, we use both CPU and GPU working together to make converting faster.

  • Convert DVD to various video formats

A DVD can be converted to any popular format. Like DVD to MP4, you can upload it to Youtube, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

  • Rip DVD to iPhone/iPad/Android/Tab

It also tailored for mobile users like iPhone, Samsung table.  You can easily convert DVD to the phone or tablet supported video format and size so that you can enjoy great movies while on the road.

  • Clone DVD to ISO & Copy DVD

You can backup DVDs to ISO files on a computer or have 1:1 disc to disc copy

  • Edit converted videos

The video editor is one of the cool features it has.  It is possible to crop video to get rid of the unwanted borders, trim video to set the start/end time,  cut video clips out or merge clips into one. You can even add the downloaded SRT subtitle files into a movie.


How to get WinX Ripper for free?

Sounds good? The good news is that you can get WinX DVD Ripper for free as they are holding a giveaway promotion at moment. To get the free WinX DVD Ripper as following steps:

  1. Go to the giveaway promoting page at:


  1. Click “Grab Now” on the right side of the page
  2. Click “Get free” button to download it
  3. Unzip the file you just downloaded, you will see the installing file and giveaway license code
  4. Install the software and launch it on your computer. Click “Register” in the toolbar and then enter registration info (you can find it on the downloaded file) in “Licensed Email” and “License Code”, and click “Activate”.
  5. That it. Now you got a full version of the DVD ripper. You could try it to convert your own DVDs.

Great level-3 hardware acceleration tech

The tech benefits many aspects:

Even low-end and old computers can digitize DVDs

If you got an aged computer, with the tech you can still to convert DVDs with original image quality because hardware acceleration has very low requirement in CPU and GPU.

Protect your DVD-ROM for longer life

Compared to other ripping tools take hours to convert a DVD movie, WinX has the capability of converting DVD for just 5 mins, on the other hand, your DVD-ROM worked in a short time as well.


A simple guide of using WinX DVD Ripper

Here is an example of how to convert DVD to MP4 video

Step 1: Insert your DVD on the CD/DVD driver

Step 2: Launch WinX and click DVD icon to import DVD

Step 3: Choose MP4 as output video format from the listing of pop-up Window. Click RUN button to start converting DVD

Step 4: Once the processing is finished, you will get the converted video on the output folder

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